Selected Press & Reviews


Blues For Mister Charlie 

"Jumping back and forth between Lorenzo and Papa D. is no easy feat, but Reggie D. White navigates the two roles with ease. White does not even need to speak the first time he switches from Lorenzo to Papa D. for audiences to recognize that he's playing a totally different character, and it has nothing to do with costuming or makeup. As Lorenzo, White is fervently pissed off (deservedly so), while as Papa D., he is withered, frightened, and complicit."  -

"Reggie D. White handles multiple roles superbly" - Seattle Gay Scene



The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane


"White brings heartfelt sentiment and touches of humor to his turns as Abilene’s father, a fisherman, a homeless man, a hobo, and the supportive brother of Sarah Ruth." - D.C. Metro Theater Arts

"...effortless transformations through many characters. Reggie D. White plays a range of Depression-era survivors coping with poverty and displacement."  - Broad Street Review



The Last Tiger in Haiti


"Mr.White is perhaps the most effective, a restless skeptic choking on bitterness." - San Diego Story

"The ensemble burrows down into the darkness and claustrophobia of this world, conjuring fresh wounds and old despair. White captures Joseph’s rage and dread."  - Mercury News

"a vibrant and ultimately heartrending Reggie White"  - San Diego Union Tribune


I & You

"...starring the excellent Reggie D. White. The repartee between Caroline and Anthony is punctuated by the brilliant physicality of White’s humor. His elastic body crab-walks backward in horror from Caroline’s touch and he floats around the stage, hilariously choreographing his frustration, his passion for jazz, and his wide-eyed embrace of Whitman." -

"Reggie D. White masters the role of Anthony who is curious, optimistic and sensitive."

"White is compellingly watchable, loaded with charisma that just makes us want to be his friend." -

"Mr. White delivers an exquisite performance that manages to dodge the obvious and keep the suspense in high gear throughout the play."



Party People

"But by far, the highlight of the production is Bay Area veteran actor Reggie D. White." -


The Snow Queen

"Reggie D. White is excellent in comic bits."                - The New York Times

"the show shines when the supporting players take over, especially Reggie D. White" -


The Bereaved


"an excellent Reggie D. White" -


Titus Andronicus

"Reggie D. White is cold-blooded and calculating in the role, always watching keenly for an opportunity to nudge events further toward havoc. But even as Aaron is unrepentantly sinister, his fierce protection of and devotion to his newborn baby is honestly touching."                                          -


Exit, Pursued By A Bear

"Reggie D. White is a treat as Nan’s best friend Simon, who enters in a cheerleader outfit, and not the male variation. Simon’s very much a “sassy gay friend” character and gets a lot of funny lines, but it’s the restless energy White’s Simon exudes that make the tempestuous character so entertaining even—or perhaps especially—when he’s being petulant about having not having enough lines in Nan’s play, or her changing the plan without telling him (particularly because, as she puts it, “I added bears”). “As your best friend, I would just like to have more control over your decisions,” he says."  -